Offices In Africa

"If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, go together."

*African proverb


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Our work in Kenya

A rapidly increasing population, an under funded health sector, and countrywide shortage of skilled health workers means that mortality rates in Kenya remain high - particularly among women and children in disadvantaged communities.
We work with a diverse range of communities; from urban slums in Nairobi, remote rural areas in the north-east and south, to lake regions in the west and coastal region in the east. Our work focuses on Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, clinic construction and HIV & AIDS.


Our work in Uganda

Communicable diseases such as malaria are the leading cause of death and illness in Uganda, and women and children are worst affected.

Working with district health councils and health care institutions, Amref Health Africa is improving the knowledge and skills of local communities and health professionals to improve overall access to better health across the country.

Our work in Ethiopia

Lack of access to safe water, bad sanitation and inadequate health care mean that in Ethiopia preventable illnesses too often prove fatal.

The rural nature of much of the population means that access to healthcare isn't easy. Amref Health Africa is working hard to train health workers, reduce malaria and waterborne diseases, providing communities with vital basic healthcare and education.

Our work in Tanzania

Tanzania has one of the highest adolescent pregnancy rates in the world. In extreme cases gender-based violence, sexual abuse and female genital mutilation becomes the norm.
Amref Health Africa empowers communities, working primarily through women and girls to improve sexual reproductive health and rights and maternal care.  


Our work in South Africa

Though one of Africa’s strongest economies, the HIV epidemic has taken a severe toll on South Africa’s workforce. It has also left 1.2 million children orphaned and shows no signs of abating. South Africa is also the fifth-worst TB-affected country in the world. 
Our work focuses on: improving cure rates for TB, providing care and support by children orphaned by HIV and training and mentoring community-based organisations.


Our work in South Sudan

The health system in South Sudan has been weakened by years of unrest and the country has the highest maternal death rate in the world. 
Amref Health Africa has been working in South Sudan since 1972.  Although this work was interrupted by the civil war, our continued presence has cultivated trust among both local communities and authorities. We focus our efforts on eliminating the conditions under which preventable diseases flourish and strengthening and developing the country’s health services infrastructure.


Our work in Senegal

A major achievement in 2011 was the extension of Amref Health Africa’s outreach work to West Africa.
Amref Health Africa opened it offices in Senegal in August 2011. This is Amref Health Africa’s first programme office in West Africa, and it will also serve as a hub for Francophone Africa.