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Help midwives to save lives this Christmas


A smiling mother plays with her baby in Amuru District, Uganda

A mother and baby at an Amref clinic in Amuru District, Uganda // Credit: Jeroen van Loon for Amref Health Africa

My name is Margaret Mugisa and I am Amref’s Project Manager for Maternal and Child Health in Northern Uganda. This Christmas, I am asking you to help our midwives to do the best job they possibly can. 

Northern Uganda has suffered decades of devastating civil conflict, seeing levels of poverty rise amongst an already vulnerable, war-affected people. Uganda also has a compassionate refugee policy: today over a million people fleeing conflict and famine in neighbouring South Sudan are being helped to rebuild their lives in Northern Uganda, a region with already drastically inadequate health services. 
In Amuru district there are around 202,000 people living in 67 different villages. Alice (pictured below) works and lives at Amuru Health Centre as a midwife, so that she is ready for any women who come to her. She became a Mum herself a year ago too, so life is busy. 
Alice, a midwife at Amuru Health Centre
Alice’s job is tough. It’s normal for her to work alone because there are often no other trained midwives to share her shifts - she feels a personal responsibility to be there. The centre can run out entirely of basic supplies like ibuprofen for pain relief, or plasters for holding a cannula in place. The power can go off without warning, often for hours at a time. Even something as basic as running water is a challenge: there is a new sink and tap, but the water isn’t connected so they simply can’t use it. 
Alice still loves her work. “I like being a midwife, I like babies, I like mothers. I wouldn’t work anywhere else. This is my calling,” she says. But even a midwife as dedicated as Alice can’t overcome huge hurdles without help. 
At Amref, we want to be there to support individuals like Alice, ensuring they have the supplies, facilities and training to do their work well. As you know, we have achieved so much over the past 60 years because we are an African-led organisation. We listen to and work with people like Alice, to make the change they want to see a reality. That’s why our programmes are successful, far-reaching and sustainable. 

Please support our work today so that we can find and train more women like Alice.

Your gift will create positive health change for the women here in Amuru and similar communities all across sub-Saharan Africa. All women should be able to give birth safely and with dignity, supported by a qualified midwife.
Donate today and help Amref UK unlock the potential of women like Alice to make change happen. 
Thank you for your support.
Margaret Mugisa 
Project Manager, Maternal and Child Health, Northern Uganda