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Amref UK Partners with City of London School for Boys

We are very grateful that Amref Health Africa UK has been selected by staff and pupils to be the City of London School for Boys’ Charity of the Year for the 2017-18 academic year.

Katie Greywood and Anna Macdonald of Amref UK present Amref's work to the School's assembly.

Credit: City of London School for Boys

The Charity Appeal is led by Sixth Form students through the Charity Committee, who organise fundraising events throughout the year, ranging from mufti days and sponsored swims, to opera performances. The City of London School’s appeal is the most successful student-led Charity Appeal in the country, with the whole school taking part. Amref is looking forward to the year ahead, and we welcome the opportunity to work with these dynamic, committed young people to create lasting health change in Africa.
The Charity Committee Chairman, shares our excitement for the partnership: "The entire Committee and I are extremely proud to be leading the City of London School's fundraising efforts for Amref Health Africa this year, and we are very excited to organise and plan a huge range of events. The work Amref does is truly extraordinary, and the entire school has already started giving generously in support. We are looking forward to a very fruitful and successful partnership."
Katie Greywood and Anna Macdonald from Amref received a warm welcome when they delivered a presentation in the School assembly (pictured), sharing examples of the invaluable projects Amref delivers across sub-Saharan Africa. For a charity like Amref, which works primarily through women and girls to improve the health of communities, support from a boys’ school is a positive reminder of how universal our message is. The money raised through the Charity Appeal will make a lasting difference, enabling us to continue to create sustainable health change within Africa's most vulnerable and remote communities.