Our work in Uganda

Doctor with mothers and children

Joint efforts by the Ugandan Ministry of Health and Amref Health Africa have in recent years improved overall access to better health for its people. Today, 72% of the population lives within 5km of a health facility, up from 49% several years ago.

Communicable diseases such as malaria are the leading cause of death and illness in Uganda, and women and children are worst affected. Today, an estimated 1 million adults, 57% of them women, and 187,000 children are HIV positive. HIV also fuels the TB epidemic. 50% of HIV-positive people have TB, and 30% of them will eventually die as a result.

Rural areas have least access to basic health care, safe water and sanitation. This, alongside poor hygiene, creates high rates of diarrhoeal disease and death in children.

Working with district health councils and health care institutions, Amref Health Africa is improving the knowledge and skills of local communities and health professionals through training and partnering, targeting community health workers, water committees and technicians, women’s groups and community leaders.

Amref Health Africa is

  • Integrating HIV, TB and malaria services in Luwero and Kiboga districts
  • Promoting community-based care for orphans affected by HIV/AIDS in Luwero district. We are committed to vaccinating children and providing clean water and sanitation in IDP camps in northern Uganda.
  • Empowering young people in Kabale to demand their right to access health services.
  • Reducing HIV among sex workers in Kawempe slum.

Statistics compiled from UNDP, UNAID and WHO data.



Life expectancy:


Child mortality:


Maternal mortality:


Number of nurses per 10,000 population:


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