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Our vision is lasting health change in sub-Saharan Africa

Working primarily with women and girls, we bridge the gap between communities, health systems and governments. 

Amref Health Africa UK focusses on projects that support maternal, newborn and child health, water and sanitation, sexual reproductive health & rights and health worker training.

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Health worker training

Clinical outreach

Dr Asrat Mengiste, Regional Manager for Amref Health Africa’s Clinical Outreach Programme, has worked for Amref Health Africa for over 10 years, dedicating his life to transforming access to surgical care across East Africa.

By training medical officers at the same time as performing surgeries, the Ethiopian surgeon has helped to transform the face of surgical care across East Africa.

Maternal & Child health

Improving Maternal, Reproductive & Child Health in Southern Ethiopia

Despite recent impressive progress in tackling poverty, Ethiopia remains one of the world’s poorest countries.

South Omo and Segen are two of the least developed areas of Ethiopia, with some of the worst health indicators globally.

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Water & Sanitation

Bringing water and sanitation to Kechene slum, Ethiopia

Amref Health Africa’s project in Kechene, funded by three of Amref Health Africa’s corporate partners, Diageo, Euromoney, and Opal Foundation.

The project aims to improve the health status of communities living within the Kechene slum by improving the access to water and sanitation facilities.

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Training health workers

Investing in development - GSK 20% initiative

Amref Health Africa's corporate partner; pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline has announced its commitment to reinvest 20% of profits made in the Least Developed Countries back into projects that strengthen the healthcare infrastructure around those countries.

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Maternal & Child health

Voice of Youth Sauti ya Vijana, Sexual Health, Tanzania

Working in partnership with the UK Department for International Development, Amref Health Africa’s project in Mtwara, Tanzania, seeks to address the denial and neglect of the rights of young people, particularly vulnerable girls.

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Maternal & Child health

Kijana wa Leo, Sexual, Reproductive Health & Rights, Tanzania

Young people, and especially young women, are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of poor services and support in making positive personal choices. Amref Health Africa is working to change this, breaking the cycle of poor attainment and extreme poverty. 

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Child health

Improving child survival, South Africa

Child mortality in South Africa is unacceptably high, with 62 out of every 1,000 children dying before they reach their fifth birthday. That figure is approximately 5 out of every 1,000 children in the UK.

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Maternal & Child health

Mama na Mtoto, Maternal Health, Kenya

Achieving good health is critical in breaking the poverty cycle. In Makueni, a remote county in Kenya, 77% of the population lives below the poverty line, and health indicators for women and children are alarming. In Kenya the risk of a woman dying from pregnancy or childbirth during her lifetime is 1 in 38 - that number is 1 in 3,800 in the UK.

Health worker training

LEAP, the mHealth platform

In 2013, Amref Health Africa and partners developed a sustainable and scalable mobile learning academy for health workers across Africa. LEAP is an innovative solution to health worker training. To date, over 3,000 CHW's have been supported using the platform.

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Maternal & Child Health

Unlocking women`s potential in Turkana

Turkana is the poorest county in Kenya. Here, providing sustainable, practical solutions to healthcare issues is key. Women in the region are the gatekeepers to their communities’ health, so leveraging their power unlocks opportunities. 

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